05 aprilie, 2011

Chiftelute cu zaatar si sumac - Meat patties with zaatar and sumac

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Nu m-am luat dupa o reteta anume,am vrut sa incerc robotul pe carne,ca noua ne place sa fie tocata mai marunt si marunt am avut-o tocata:)))
Sumacul este folosit in Orientul Mijlociu,in Iran se adauga la kebab si orez,in tarile arabe la hummus si fatoush,iar in Turcia la salate si lahmacum. Are un gust acru si astrigent.

250 gr carne tocata amestec
1 ou (optional)
1 morcov
1 ceapa mica
1 cartof
usturoi dupa gust
1 lingurita zaatar
sumac ptr presarat deasupra

Se dau legumele pe razatoare.
Amesteca oul cu carnea tocata si legumele date pe razatoare.
Se adauga zaatarul,usturoiul,sarea si piperul.
Se formeaza chiftelutele,udati mana ca sa fie mai usor.
Eu nu le-am prajit ci le-am pus in tava la cuptor.
Se rumenesc pe amandoua partile.
Se presara sumac deasupra si se servesc calde sau reci.

Zaatar is one of my littles favorite condiment. I kind of came up with this recipe,I wanted to try out the food processor on meat. A Kitchen Aid is a Kitchen Aid ,I don't think I'll ever have any complains. I have the zaatar and sumac from the Karen aka French Tart,from the swap at Kittencal's. I've had sumac ,in Iran it's sprinkled on kebabs,but zaatar was new to me. I've also used it on homemade bread!

250 grounded meat (pork & beef or other combination)
1 egg,slightly beaten (optional)
1 grated onion
1 grated carrot
1 grated potato
garlic as much as you wish
salt,pepper to taste
1 teaspoon zaatar
sumac to sprinkle

Mix all ingredients,except sumac.
Form the patties. A wet hand works better than a dry one.
I chose to bake the patties instead of frying them.
Bake until browned on both sides.
Serve sprinkled with sumac.

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