04 mai, 2011

Cute food: Dinosaur

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Am vrut sa facem un tort dinosaur asa cum am vazut pe Youtube,dar maruntelele mele au vrut pana la urma omiduta. Totusi,din doua briose eu tot am incercat,poate arata mai mult a veverita. E usor si cred ca va iesi ceva dragut.
Am folosit doua briose si frisca,bucati de ciocolata pentru solzi.

The big plan was to make a dinosaur cake,but the caterpillar was enough,we didn't need more work and things to do. And I didn't need  more dishes to wash.
We made it from two muffins,whipped cream and chocolate bits. The video shows much better how to do it,one day we'll have to make the whole thing.

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