15 ianuarie, 2012

Blogul de duminica - Sunday's Blog

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Saptamana aceasta m-am reintors la bucataria mea de suflet,cea japoneza si blogul pe care am petrecut cel mai mult timp si de unde m-am si inspirat ,este unul frumos,simplu de navigat si care va va face incursiunea in bucataria japoneza una placuta.
Va invit cu mult drag sa descoperiti o bijuterie din bucataria asiatica Just One Cookbook (o singura carte de bucate) si sa aveti o duminica placuta in continuare.

Photo source: justonecookbook.com

It's been a while since my recommandation was a blog in English,to compensate that I come with a great site,where I found a lot of inspirations for my soul kitchen,the Japanese one. I also made a recipe from it and it's a very good source if you like trying Japanese dishes,everything is so well explained. Great photos as well, probably will send you straight to the kitchen.
Please enjoy today's read Just One Cookbook and make sure to check out the giveaways too.
Have a great Sunday!

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